Tumshie McFadgen’s Bid for Ultimate Bliss     


Tumshie McFadgen is a sensualist, his trouble starts when he comes up with the notion of cross-pleasuring.  What would it be like to experience the maximum whoopee in all five senses at the same time?  Well I can tell you, it was a bloody disaster all round.              


"A masterclass in comic timing… this is nine minutes of short film heaven."  5 stars.  Hotdog magazine.

"Kilt-ticklingly funny."  Empire online  


BAFTA Scotland Award for best short film 04

Audience Award, blue room, Sept 04   


Festival Screenings

edinburgh international film festival 04

leeds international film festival 04

cardiff screen festival, 04

inverness international film festival, 04

foyle film festival, northern ireland, 04

leuven kort short film festival, belgium, 04

florida film festival, usa, 05

dresden film festival, germany, 05

seattle international film festival, usa, 05

worldwide short film festival, toronto, 05

emden film festival, germany, 05

monterrey film festival, mexico, 05

atlantic film festival, canada, 05

mill valley film festival, usa, 05

circuito off, venice, italy, 05

nuit du court metrage, lausanne, switzerland, 05

kinofilm festival, manchester, 06

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Winner of the 2004 BAFTA Scotland award for best short film, Tumshie McFadgen’s Bid for Ultimate Bliss is a fast paced, visceral, uniquely Scottish comedy about one man’s attempt to devise the supreme pleasure experience. Tumshie is a true Scottish eccentric. He lives life to the full, indulging in life’s physical pleasures to the max. His partner, Lizzie, and all his friends, are used to his idiosyncratic nature. The following misadventures will test these friendships to the limit.

Tumshie’s trouble starts when he comes up with the notion of cross-pleasuring. He decides to push his heightened sensorial awareness to the limit by combining his favourite experience, in each of the five senses, so they ‘hit’ simultaneously. After some serious planning, and with the reluctant help of Lizzie, Tumshie makes his first attempt to attain ultimate bliss. Failure. But Tumshie is not one to do things by halves, and his exploits have some disastrous repercussions on his way of life.

Tumshie was written and directed by Simon Hynd and produced by Plum Films for the BBC's Tartan Shorts film scheme.