There She Goes - Tuesdays at 10pm on BBC4

"There She Goes is a heart-rending, bittersweet and extraordinary honest comedy-drama ... The love poured into this show is clear in every moment"  The Times

"...manages to spin its heartbreaking subject matter into something not just moving, but mordantly, outrageously funny"  The Guardian

 "Although billed as a comedy-drama, the laughs are rather deftly concealed amid the tough, very affecting subject matter and performances"  The Guardian




Bob Servant - Winner Royal Television Society Scotland Award Best Comedy 2015

“Bob Servant was the wonderful surprise of the week. A total joy from start to finish – original, sharp, superbly acted and gloriously funny. A gem of a comedy, don’t miss it."  The Times

“This series has delivered an incredibly funny script, unforgettable one-liners, and Brian Cox and Jonathan Watson are an impeccable double act. Brilliant.” FIVE STARS  TV Times

“Sublimely silly”  Daily Mirror 

“A comedy of exquisite embarrassment. Brian Cox is just sensational”  Scottish Daily Express

“As with Del Boy and Citizen Smith the comedy comes from the gap between the grand designs and the dreary reality. There’s a warmth, one that’s totally lacking in other sitcoms.”  The Daily Express

“A comic masterclass”  Highland News