Teacup Travels series 2 (2016/17) 20 x episodes of CBeebies adventure drama

Gary: Tank Commander Election Special (2016)  BBC2 comedy

Two Doors Down (2016)  6 x episodes of BBC2 comedy

Radges (2015)  BBC3 comedy pilot

Teacup Travels (2015)  25 x episodes of CBeebies adventure drama

Bob Servant series 2 (2014)  3 x episodes BBC4 comedy

You, Me & Them (2013)  6 x episodes Hat Trick comedy

Bob Servant Independent (2013)  3 x episodes of BBC4 comedy 

M.I. High (2013)  5 x episodes of CBBC action series

Blue Haven (2011)  Comedy pilot of Kudos/Brown Eyed Boy

Dani's House (series 4 and 5, 2011)  13 x episodes for  CBBC/RDF

Alex and Pete (2011)  Comedy pilot for Henson/Telegael

Summer in Transylvania (2010)  10 x episodes for Nickelodeon/RDF

Half Moon Investigations (2009)  6 x episodes for BBC

Uncle Max (2008)  13 x episodes for BBC/Little Bird



Senseless  (writer/director) 2008

Two-Way Split  (co-writer/director) currently scripting


Short Films

Meat the Campbells
(co-writer/director)  CBBC Tartan Smalls  2005

Tumshie McFadgen’s Bid for Ultimate Bliss
(writer/director)  BBC Tartan Shorts 2004  Winner BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Short Film 2004

The Host

(writer/director) 2003  Winner Best Student Film and Audience Award, SSoS 2004


(writer/director) 2002  Winner Best International Short Film, Greece 2003 


Arts: The Catalyst  (director) 2004

Winner Saltire Award for Best Scottish Documentary, EIFF 2005 


Scottish Leader Whisky: The Kiss (Dir.)
Scottish Rugby Union: Heineken Cup (Dir.)
Scottish Slimmers: Confidence (Dir.)
Aspire: NERD (Dir.)
Waste Aware Scotland: Camping (Dir.)
Northern Rock: Goal! (Dop)
Semi-Chem: Summer/Autumn/Xmas campaigns (Dir.)
EST: Innovation (Dop)
Gyle: Christmas (Dir.)

Overgate: Bags (Dir.)

Travel Counsellors: Love to Travel (Dir.)

Holland and Barrett: Naked (Dir.)

The Quays: Mermaid (Dir.)

NCR: Evil Cash Machine (Dir.)

Energy Saving Trust: Home (Dir.)