"Senseless is damn near flawless ...a true classic"

"A remarkable and deeply disturbing work ... left me shell-shocked"           

"Utterly unforgettable"

"Brave and shocking ... boldly provocative"                      

"A splendid thriller"                     

"A small masterpiece"                       

"A tough, compelling, rigorous psychological thriller that grabs the audience where it hurts ... an important film" 

 "A brutal mixture of The Truman Show and Big Brother as orchestrated by Takashi Miike ... in short, tremendous"

Nominated for Best British Feature Film at the Raindance Film Festival 2008

Nominated for Best International Feature Film at the Celtic Media Awards 2009   


"Eliott Gast is to be made an example of; his captivity broadcast worldwide… like his punishment." 


Eliott Gast, an american economist, is abducted in europe by a shadowy anti-globalisation group. Eliott spends forty days held hostage, each moment broadcast on the internet via dozens of cameras.  His captors inform him that his eventual release depends on donations made to their cause by the millions of people watching.  His mind racing, Eliott tries to understand why he is there, unearthing sins both small and large. Over the course of his captivity Eliott is deprived of his senses, one by one.  His crime, his captors insist, demands justice.